suke blOggie sye ?

Jom Borak ! ... ^_^

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Topic : Girls and Boys

GIRLS are like apples on the trees . The best ones are at the tOp of the tree . The BOYS dOn't want tO reach fOr the goOd ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt . Instead , they just get the rOtten apples frOm the frOund that aren't as goOd , but easy . So the apples at the tOp think something is wrOng with them , when in reality , they are amazing . They just have to wait the right BOY to cOme alOng , the one whO's brave enOugh tO climb all the way tO the tOp of the tree . Your an amazing GIRL ...

temkiu sbb sudi bce , kalo rajin like or comment ek


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