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Topic : I Miss You .. Teacher ...

 This Is Our Sk Zainab 1 PK KO Puan Nik Dzafirah ... She Got Move Up To SK Kok Lanas ... And We From Sk Zainab 1 Wanna To Say That Congratulations To You .. We Here Alway's Remember You ..

We Hope You Visit Us At Here .. Because You Are Our Family .. We Hope This Give Become Your Memories ...  Your Advices We Listen And Do .. Please Don't Cry .. Because We Love You .. And We Know .. This is The Hard Desicions To Decide ..But We Understand ..
      This Is Our Cry When You Want To Leave Us .. We All Cry And You Cry To .. This Is The Moment We Cannot Remember .. This Is The Meeting Is The Last Time For Us ... We Alway's Remember Your Advices ... We Hope You Will Remember Us At Here .. Final Word We Always Remember You Teacher !! ..

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